Hello, I am nightboy...

...an enthusiastic amateur who likes to explore the 3D world. I have a lot of curiosity and I like to learn various fields.

I started in 3D around 2013, first on Source Filmmaker where I started to rip models from different games and then wear them. This brought me to Blender where I have greatly improved over the years. Since then I also practice Daz3D and a little 3D Studio Max, as well as some 2D image processing software.

During all these years I was part of the staff of the DigitalEro site where I could help the community as much as I could, it also allowed me to improve my skills in PHP/CSS/JavaScript/SQL development, in web design and by hosting various servers.

You will find on this site a brief presentation of my (naughty) works.

You can check more details on what I do by visiting these pages :

Here is some examples of my work :

Priscilla and Eveline (Blender Cycles)

Mika (Daz 3D Iray)

Dani (Daz 3D Iray)

Dani (Source Filmmaker)

Pai Chan (Blender Cycles)

S.H. Alchemilla (Source Filmmaker)

Boralus Inn (Blender Eevee)

Void Elf (Blender Eevee)

Titanfall pilots (Source Filmmaker)

Dani (Source Filmmaker)

Eveline (Blender Cycles)

Dani (Source Filmmaker)